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Beethoven Primary School, Martonvásár

Martonvásár is a large village whose schooling dates back to 1770 when one single teacher provided elementary education for eighteen students. In the 1780s the school consisted of a room, a desk and two long benches.

Richard Bright, an English traveller, made mention of the school in his writings in 1815. He wrote the following: "The pupils here learn to read and write in Hungarian, Croatian and German. They also learn to count and girls learn to sew and knit."

As a result of the development of the village and the growth in population, two new rooms were added to the school in 1856 and the number of students grew to 238. At this time, there were six schools functioning in the county, aside from the one in Martonvásár.

In 1906, after the great fire that severely affected the village, a new school building was built in the center, which today is known as Building B. In Erdőhát and Kismarton, the two settlements incorporated into the municipality of Martonvásár, the school had branches that functioned from 1945 until the early 1970s.

The Brunswick family and the famous musician Beethoven (whose connections to the village were through this family) contributed a great deal to the historico-cultural values of Martonvásár. Our school was renamed for Beethoven in 1954. Due to industrial and agricultural development, the population of the village kept growing year by year and consequently education had to be improved.

A great step in this process was the construction of a new school building to which extensions were later added. Besides the better physical conditions, the school curriculum and the teaching philosophy have also undergone progressive changes. The number of students attending our school has been around 550 for the last several decades. The staff is dedicated to seeking opportunities to develop students' personalities and to cultivate their talents.

The teaching of music and folk dance led to the establishment of an art school which now functions separately inside the school building. Many various educational opportunities in different fields such as sports, foreign languages, arts and science, are provided at the school. There is also a great emphasis on the safeguarding of local traditions and values.

Our local pedagogical programme is aimed at equiping our students with an up-to-date foundational education and helping them to obtain a healthy and mature personality. 


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